Security Training

Firearms training for personal / close protection security training


Organizations both governmental and non-governmental - are facing new threats of violence, criminal actions or even terror. As a matter of urgency they need to build armed and qualified security teams in their workplace.


IP- International Protection's unique approach and experience provides the necessary security solutions.


Based on knowledge, experience and training methodology recieved form wihtin the Israeli Secret Service (ISS) and National Dignitary Protection Unit (NDP), our experienced trainers and instructors, will assist in building your security teams, developing integrative training programs and providing the training for your employees.


This training is designed to cover a broad spectrum of critical issues concerning the safe handling, carrying, and firing of handguns, together with presenting the Israeli elements of self defense – Krav Maga.


It also covers the fundamental concepts of physical and mental performance while under the stress of combat situations and dealing constructively with its aftermath psychologically.


IP- International protection's training program would increase defense effectiveness, improve detection capabilities and reduce threats.