Security Consulting

Specialist security & protection systems consulting


Organization protection, data privacy, compliance with regulatory requirements and overall security is an on-going process requiring continuous improvement in response to changing technologies, threats and user demands. Keeping up with this change requires access experts for a variety of needs ranging from policy development and best practices to application security.


Having the right expert by your side can make the difference between business continuity and having to report a breach to the Security and Exchange Commission.


At IP–International Protection security consultants with proven methodologies and cross-industry best practices utilize knowledge, architecture, program implementation and continuous process improvement solutions.


We can evaluate your present security system and advise you on a possible weakness, while focusing on some focal questions:

What are the signs of impending threat? Are your employees or customers at risk?


A threat assessment identifies potential adversaries and their capabilities and considers how they may conduct malevolent activities against your business.


A vulnerability assessment will analyze existing security plans, programs and processes to evaluate adequacy and identify areas that may need improvement.

Do you have a current written security plan? Does it provide good solutions?


We will review the security plans to ensure your program is complete. When nessesary, we will design and build a full-scale security plan to provide the best solution for your specific needs.


The implementation of the security system can be with either our agents or using your existing security personal.

Is your security plan current and user friendly?


We develop and evaluate plans and programs to ensure your staff are able to protect your business and assets. We verify that plans are in place and proven to deal with events that could disrupt your operations.

Will your security systems and employees respond to realistic scenarios and threats?


Testing your team and equipment is vital to your success. We will Challenge your security systems, your team and equipment in real life scenarious, to ensure that you are protected to the highest levels of security or to the level that you demand.